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We provide an array of services for worldwide manufacturers of heavy equipment including transportation of heavy cargoes, construction planning, various analyses, incidental work and on-site installation.

Detailed calculations and analyses enable us to provide the best design and management services.

Our engineering staff benefits from its years of experience in technology. They have gained expertise in numerous projects such as jack-up rig construction, container crane assembly, and plant construction. We have earned particularly high praise and customer confidence in Japan and internationally for our high technical capabilities in the transportation of large, heavy cargoes. In order to increase our skills and ensure smoother implementation of all types of operations, our younger employees have set out to share information and integrate all processes including basic design, construction and operation management under highly experienced leadership. We continue to focus day and night on learning and adopting the most advanced technologies.


‘A Diverse Approach
We accommodate a wide range of shipping methods for large, heavy transportation work, including roll-on/roll-off, fork-on/fork-off, float-on/float-off, lift-on/lift-off, dolly-on/dolly-off, and skid-on/skid-off. We therefore suggest the optimum methods to meet your needs.


‘Motion analysis of barges and acceleration analysis ofcargoes during voyage
All our barges are equipped with dedicated motion analysis software and can monitor wave heights during ocean voyages. Therefore, we calculate the acceleration at specific distances from the destination during transport. From this calculation, we devise the best tie-down and transportation plans.

‘Structural Analysis
With our three-dimensional structural analysis programs, we calculate the strength of an entire structure or a detailed area.


‘International Projects
For both international and domestic projects, we execute all plans in a consistent manner, including transportation of plant equipment and installation.


‘Other Projects
Our expertise is not limited to transportation; we accommodate a variety of other projects including installation of plants on land and construction of civil engineering projects.

We implement the best designs and plans through the full application of our specialized knowledge.

‚PDTransportation of Heavy Structures

@@œ Motion analysis of barges and cargo acceleration analysis
@@œ Structural analyses of hulls and cargoes during transport
@@œ Structural designs for transport
@@œ Management and execution of transportation plans
‚QDOn-site installation of heavy structures and various facilities

@@œ Execution and management plans for marine cranes and land-based cranes
@@œ Planning and execution of on-site installation and management of machinery and equipment


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