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We transport oversized specialized and other types of cargoes with a variety of methods and vessels.

The roll-on/roll-off method is an outstanding innovation that greatly reduces costs.

Responding to the ever-increasing size of cargoes, we greatly innovated Tenba in November 2005. The 36-meter breadth allows for safe, low-cost transportation of large plants as well as container cranes that can be shipped horizontally. Moreover, thanks to its enhanced ability to take on and discharge ballast water, it ensures rapid and secure roll-on/roll-off loading and unloading while controlling the transportation conditions. Tenba continues to contribute to increased transportation of larger, more diverse, and multiple cargoes.


‘Main Specifications
Name Tenba
Classification NK,NS*iBARGEj
Length (MLD) 91.440/m
Breadth (MLD) 36.000/m
Depth (MLD) 6.096/m
Draft (MLD) 4.837/m
Dead weight 12,924/kt
Deck strength 10t/m2
Ballast pumps 750 metric tons/hr
x 2 unitsName
Transportation Projects

Container crane for PSA/Singapore

LLC for Oita

Container crane for Tokyo Chuo breakwater

Continuous unloader for Kushiro

Shield machines for Kisarazu

Transportation of muddy water plant platform



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