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We transport oversized specialized and other types of cargoes with a variety of methods and vessels.

Featuring the largest ballast capability and deck strength in its class

Tensho boasts the largest ballast capability and deck strength in its class. The ballast control has an unprecedented capacity of 50 cm/hr, which ensures safe and rapid response when handling cargo in ports with wide tidal variations. The deck loading strength is 15 metric tons/m2. What,s more, its structural strength exceeds that of large barges; as a result, it is sure to accommodate future cargoes that are forecast to call for large, concentrated loads.


‘Main Specifications
Name Tensho
Classification NK,NS*iBARGEj
Length (MLD) 78.000/m
Breadth (MLD) 26.000/m
Depth (MLD) 4.500/m
Draft (summer) 3.484/m
Draft (winter) 3.412/m
Draft (tropics) 3.565/m
Dead weight 5,447/t
Deck strength 15t/m2
Ballast pumps 500 metric tons/hr x 2 units
Transportation Projects

Double link crane for Wakkanai

Relocation of Transfer crane in Tamano

Goliath crane girders for Tadotsu

Hull blocks for Chiba

Transfer crane for Manila, Philippines


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