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We transport oversized specialized and other types of cargoes with a variety of methods and vessels.

Binan Development operates Tenyu, an ocean-going barge featuring superb technology and equipment that is capable of transporting a variety of heavy cargoes.

Fork-on/fork-off method uses forks installed at the extreme aft of the barge to lift and position transported cargoes. The fork-on/fork-off method eliminates the need for temporary equipment on the wharf and ensures that cargoes can be directly placed on the wharf in a short period of time. Compared with conventional barges, Tenyu features minimum acceleration, which is ideal for container cranes and other cargoes with delicate structures. Consequently, reinforcement and tie downs can be reduced to achieve greater cost reductions.
Notably, the barge can be partially submerged without allowing the cargo to contact seawater. As a result, it is possible for tall cargoes, such as cranes, to pass under bridges and overhead power cables. This overcomes a significant cargo height limitation.



‘Main Specifications
Classification NK,NS*iBARGEj
Length (to tip of forks)
(between hanging lines)
Breadth (MLD)
(deck of superstructure)
Depth (upper deck)
Load line
(fully loaded in summer)

Dead weight

Deck strength 15t/m2
Ballast pumps 2,000 metric tons/hr
x 2 units

According to the regulations contained in Ministry of Transport Notification No. 2, 19 in 1997, and following an evaluation of private-sector port technology, we have received certification No. 98308 for our fork-on/fork-off method. As a result, this method is officially recognized by related governments and manufacturers as an accepted cargo-handling method for port cargo-handling machinery. It has been evaluated as a safe, secure, and low-cost cargo-handling and transportation system both domestically and internationally.

Roll-on/Roll-off method

Use of the 21.7-meter ramp provided at the extreme aft of the barge allows for loading/unloading of cargoes weighing up to 2,500 metric tons.

Fork-on/fork-off method

Use of the outriggers and forks provided at the extreme aft of the barge allows a 1,450 metric ton, 30-meter-span container crane to be brought into the barge along the rails provided on the deck of the superstructure.

Float-on/float-off method

It is possible to load floating work vessels or caissons up to 90 meters in length and 21.5 meters in breadth with a 4.5-meter load line while the barge is semi-submerged.

Transportation Projects

Container crane and transfer crane for Nagoya

Caisson for Hahajima

Unloader for Maputaphut, Thailand

Container crane for Mindanao, Philippines

Container crane for KMT/Portkelang, Malaysia


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