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We transport oversized specialized and other types of cargoes with a variety of methods and vessels.

Demonstrating the power to set up and relocate port loading/unloading machinery while lowering costs

Despite its standard size of 91 x 30 x 6 meters, Tenzan boasts a dead weight of 11,000 metric tons. It features a capacity equal to that of a 120-meter class barge, particularly for transporting heavy cargoes and port loading/unloading machinery. We can offer very competitive transportation.@


‘Main Specifications
Name Tenzan
Classification NK,NS*iBARGEj
Length (MLD) 91.440/m
Breadth (MLD) 30.176/m
Depth (MLD) 6.096/m
Draft (MLD) 4.839/m
Dead weight 11,405/ktiSummerj
Deck strength 10t/m2
Ballast pumps 500 metric tons/hr
x 2 units

Transportation Projects

Prefab blocks for artificial island in Kawasaki

Transfer crane for Kitakyushu

RMG for Oi

LLC for Cebu, Philippines

Bridge-type crane for Kashima


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