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Principle and Policy of Management

”Principle of Management

Value of being and Responsibility for regional society and One Mind Sprit

We will contribute to regional society, customers and family of employees with always maintaining principles of Company value, Responsibility, Justice, Safety and Compliance of Law through thinking and pursuing about reason of being and purpose at regional society.
Also, we will discuss deeply and widerly the matter by "One Mind " Sprit what we should solve problems constructively and aggressively without abandon at any occasion, and we will pass down to next generation.

”Policy of Management

Posture for Customers

We pursue customer's profits through quick, aggressive and sure corresponding to any customer's problems what customers face to.


Posture for Safety and Hygiene

We will strive to improve awareness and to prepare working environment about safety and hygiene by company's responsibility, and employees themselves will practice safety action.
We will tackle aggressively for safety awareness and action to be peace of mind for customers and employee's family as not only company policy but wish of the family.

Posture for Employees

We have to provide environment at where all employees would work in peace, and every employees shall be esteemed as an individual and their dignities shall be protected.
With maintaining of the above, we will improve our working environment to meet motivation of employees.

Unify, Unity Advance, Gratitude

We need unified fundamental course (Principal), fundamental policy (Policy) and fundamental values (Standard) when we perform systematic activity.
Because, we can't solve everything by individual ability and values when we come up against problems and tasks.
However, it would be strong power if we unite our abilities and use it.
We can solve all of problems and tasks by advance with this united organization.
Then, we must have gratitude for customers and families of employees when we carry out wholeheartedly our purpose.


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