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Binan Development Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy Statement

Binan Development Co., Ltd., which is later referred as BDC, acknowledges that your privacy is important to us. BDC pledges to be responsible when collecting your personal information and protect your privacy.
BDC believes that it is our business fundamental and social duty to protect our customers' personal information. BDC endeavors to protect personal information in accordance with the following policies.

Collection of Your Personal Information

BDC obtains personal information in legal and just manners. Upon collecting customers' personal information, BDC collects them only by consensus of customers and within explicitly defining the purpose of collection.
The collected personal information is handled appropriately within specified privacy policy.

Sharing of Your Personal Information

In order to operate appropriate purpose of services smoothly, BDC allows you to choose to share your personal information with select BDC partners.
Before such cases occur, BDC carries out strict investigations and select appropriate third parties.
The select BDC partners are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information and are prohibited from using it for any other purposes with a contract of BDC personal information protection standard.
Except as described in this statement, provisions, and laws, BDC will not disclose your personal information outside of BDC, controlled subsidiaries, and affiliates without prior your consent.

Administration, Request, Correction, Suspension, and Elimination of Your Personal Information

BDC strictly administers customers' personal information. In order to protect loss, destruction, tampering, and leakage of personal information, BDC takes the best effort to conduct the security measures against any illegal access to the information.
BDC does not allow to take, to leak, or to transmit personal information to outside of its company.
BDC acknowledges that an individual reserves his or her rights to own the request, correction, suspension, and elimination of his or her personal information. BDC promptly corresponds with such requests by the individuals without any objection.

Observance of Personal Information Protection Laws and Other Standards

BDC executives and employees observe the appropriate protection and administration of personal information measures in Japan and abroad.

Changes to This Privacy Policy Statement

BDC will occasionally update the privacy policy statement to practice the personal information protection policy effectively.


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