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Management philosophy, management policies, company motto

Management philosophy

Existence value, Responsibility and "One Mind Spirit"

We shall always improve corporate value, responsibility and our awareness of justice and safety compliance by pursuing the reason and purpose of existence in this community, and we will do our best to contribute to our community, clients and milies.

Moreover, in any situation, we shall never give up on us and stay united for the issue. We discuss the matter at length until we figure out how to solve it. (One Mind Spirit)

Management policy

Attitude toward Clients

We shall pursue clients' profit by actively and promptly responding and trying our best to solve all the clients' issues.

Attitude toward Occupational Safety and Health

Our company shall be responsible for safety and health education and guidance to employees, and make effort to raise safety awareness and improve the working environment and emproyees shall voluntarily do "safe actions".

We shall work on safety and health for observing company policy as well as fulfilling "family wish", and we make clients and families be felt easy about safety and health.



Attitude toward Employees

Our company shall provide an environment where all the employees can work free from anxiety.
Each of the employees shall be respected as individuals and their dignity shall be protected.
Based on that, we shall make efforts to maintain the working environment to meet the employees' aspiration.

"United solidarity progress joining hands"

Basic directionality (idea) and a basic posture (policy), "the basic spirit" that basic sense of values (standard) harmonized with each employee integrally again are necessary to run an organization action.The reason is because it is helpless only for ability and the sense of values only for individuals in working on every problem, problem. However, I am a strong help if each person unites and wrestles. A solution to the problem will be accomplished by advancing towards every problem, problem with this strong capacity for organization with every effort. And I wrestle when I have finished accomplishing a thing sincerely to be able to have the feeling of thanks for a customer or a family.

Company motto

Do thorough talks until it is in one heart without covering it without escaping for any problem and problem.
  "One Mind" mind.

In addition, I follow what was decided by all means and the plan be accomplished by all means.

Become a professional.

Always work with a number.

Give an idea, suggestion.

I get used to being number one.

A secret and the person telling a lie leave the company.

Always have the spirit of self-advancement.

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