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I carry a big thing to the field in the world!

Company introduction

It is 75 from founding.
By a high technique and long experience, I get warm trust from domestic and foreign customers.
Marine transportation
I decide a route based on statistics data and the present situation forecasts such as the weather walruses, and the marine transportation progresses using the navigation management system certain safely safely to the domestic and foreign ports of destination. And, after the arrival, I perform discharge.
Binan Development founded in 1943 keeps high techniques such as marine transportation, the general engineering plant construction, land transportation, public works, steel structure production and the experience that they cultivated for many years alive, and they are a company that large size freight totals a great variety of carriage of goods mainly on the special freight and supports.
We with "One Mind mind" "is without an accident throughout the life. There is no compromise safely; do loading in an original method of construction, and carry the big thing including the container crane of 1,700 tons in weight to Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Africa, the United States let alone the country, and discharge installs it for a password.
In the engineering part, I perform the heavy goods transportation of the domestic and foreign heavy-equipment manufacturer companies or local construction plan, various analysis with it, design of the supplementary work that I begin to install. 90 meters in height without everybody usually seeing it loads the heavy goods which there is onto a ship and I carry it to the distance foreign countries and take it down and assemble it locally and carry construction management before installing it. Meanwhile, the work that is important for confirming whether a ship advances as scheduled every day, and evading troubles such as the bad weather in the route. I am concerned with all from a design to completion, and the impression when I looked up at sense of accomplishment and the real thing when I accomplished it tells Binan Development dakarakosonoyarigaio.
In the sales department, I perform the cooperation with a section and the specialty supplier outside the company, an on-site call, a collection of the price from the suggestion of the most suitable plan in response to the request of the customer with various problems including safety and the cost as clear consistently other than an office. Because quality to progress is huge; an expense is a big sum, too. The sense of accomplishment when I realized a contract of a feeling of scale that I cannot readily experience becomes the big worth doing of the person in charge in the others.
In the construction department, I construct marine transportation and loading, local installation, trial run adjustment, consistency construction, construction until delivery, assembling, the installation of various apparatuses in the land and construct a public works project, the public engineering works, various machines, the plant basics, harbor engineering works widely.
We work on the environmental maintenance that anyone can commit in peace in deference to each employee. Regardless of sex, age and experience, the employee pushes forward a project in solidarity while exchanging an opinion. Called "person in the company", on the basis of a thought, it is not necessary for our company pushing forward various projects to sit up straight. Do you not work on dynamic work in the field in the world?
Meeting in the company
I repeat minute meetings that quickness also copes with every problem that the customer has surely positively and pursues the profit of the customer to the maximum, and to provide the service that there is not of the gap.
Overseas transportation
Container crane marine transportation
Other than a container crane playing an active part in the port of all the countries of the world, I have been by the transportation such as the world's largest class shield machine or the wind-generated electricity device which dug the Tokyo Bay undersea tunnel.

The introduction that works

Under structure analysis
Under structure analysis
Engineering region to use past data and the exclusive software, and to perform construction management from a construction plan of the construction. As I use the CAD, I am suitable for a person having friendly feeling to a number.
The staff
Business meeting
Seniors suggesting the method that is safe, and is cheaper based on the request of a wide variety of customers with an original idea are waiting for a new friend.
I create it with us and recruit friends challenging it.

Offer contents

●The offer type of job
[post of sales people] Visit periodical led by an existing customer, multiplication estimate duties
[post of engineer] Various calculations such as stability, the reconstruction-related strength in conjunction with the marine transportation, making of the transportation plan
[the spot managerial class] The spot construction and construction management of marine transportation and plant facilities
●Work location
Okayama, Oita

Work contents

[post of sales people]
For several months, there is a senior instructing a new face by a one-to-one, and close instruction is performed by entering a company.
I visit a senior and in front of the visitor and the spot regularly and have you be actually keenly aware of a business activity afterwards.
For desk work of the business, the multiplication duties for quotation making are important, too; come to work.
[post of engineer]
For several months, there is a senior instructing a new face by a one-to-one, and close instruction is performed by entering a company.
I do step-up mainly to be able to do various calculations such as the stable reconstruction-related strength in conjunction with the marine transportation, making of the transportation plan using the CAD. I want to have the impression that the spot moves with the transportation plan which I drew by oneself feel by all means in the future.
[the spot managerial class]
At first I have you experience the spot construction of marine transportation and the plant facilities construction and have you acquire welding and various qualifications such as Tamakake.
I do step-up as the spot administrator arranging meeting and shikizai with a customer and the cooperation supplier afterwards.
As for the impression to be provided, there is the thing which is hard to change it to anything else in the spot administrators who can make sure of a series of work from at first to the completion.

Offer essential point, adoption flow

It is targeted for an offer
●Physical science graduate student ●Physical science undergraduate ●Faculty of liberal arts graduate student ●Faculty of liberal arts undergraduate
●Junior college student ●Technical college student ●Technical school life ●Graduate
The one where it is expected that the offer object is a graduate in March, 2020 or one within three years after the graduation
Offer department, subject
All departments, whole school department
The offer number of people
6 to 10 persons
Entry method
At first please do an entry than Mynavi.
Adoption flow
Than Mynavi an entry

Paper screening

Interview examination

Informal appointment
Selection method
Paper screening, composition, aptitude test, interview
Characteristic of the adoption
●I can talk in an individual interview slowly and carefully
●There is no group work by selection
●There is career-track employees adoption
Submission documents

Service after the adoption

Base salary
200,000 yen  ※The call-in pay is paid separately on an overtime work holiday
Other benefits
Post allowance, overtime allowance, commutation allowance
Raise in salary
All an average of 2.7% of once a year (April) companies (the 2018 results)
Twice a year (7, December) an average of four months (the 2018 results)
Holiday vacation
Holiday/five-day working week, summer holidays, New Year holidays, annual holiday 124 days
Vacation/paid vacation, the congratulations or condolence vacation, other vacations
Service, welfare program ・
System in the company
A qualification support system: Tuition, 100% company burden (qualification of each company encouragement) for miscellaneous expenses accompanied with the qualification
There is more a supporting system of the lifestyle-related disease prophylactic medical check-up until 20,000 yen/year in the regular staff who met the condition by the company rule for one person than the year
I present a travel coupon for 200,000 yen by commendation for continuous service 20 years
●Annual holiday 125 days (the 2018 results) ●There is a qualification support system ●There are maternity leave, the parental leave acquisition results
Work location
Tamano-shi, Okayama, Oita-shi, Oita (I hear hope of the work location)
Working hours
8:00-17:00 (including taking a lunch break rest one hour)
education system
There is a 3-month new face curriculum
A class, the tuition of various qualification necessary for duties, work are all company burdens
The training system
The new face training
Self-culture support system
About a company-designated qualification, a company bears attendance, an examination fee in full
Men tersystem
There is men tersystem
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