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President greetings

Message from the CEO

"Aiming for further development "
In 1975, Binan Development Co., Ltd. adopted its current name 32 years after the establishment in 1943.We have perofrmed unique and varied activities with the support and expectations from the surroundings for 48 years.I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all that have given us the wonderful oppotunity to achieve this milestone in our history.In return, we have made a great contribution to our clients by actively perticipating in diverse projects both domestic and overseas, and developing hardwares and softwares to expand our businness for developing the industry and getting appreciations and reliances from clients.With these experiences and achievements, we intend to tackle the safety activities and environment  at full force.In order to give an impression on everybody and get trusted, we will forward to be a strong company with flexibility and positiveness as a member of the community which meets our Management Philosophy for developing local community and our clients.
CEO  Joe Okamoto
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